Equality and diversity in learning

equality and diversity in learning

Get an introduction into stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination issues in society with this level 2 equality and diversity qualification find out more. This comprehensive learning programme will equip staff at all levels with the understanding and skills to implement equality & diversity and community cohesion. Equality and diversity in learning and teaching in higher education summary of papers from equality challenge unit and higher education academy joint conferences. By rorie fulton and kate richardsonthis book introduces the concepts of equality, diversity and inclusion which are fundamental/essential for all learning disability.

Equality and diversity is an important element in all aspects of our lives in the workplace it ensures that every individual is free from discrimination and can. Thinking points what activities are you currently involved in that directly relate to equality and diversity what areas of your role do you think that equality and. According to gravells, 2006 equality relates to the right of all learners to attend and participate in lessons, whereas diversity is about valuing the. Teaching equality and diversity in the classroom here we list a range of ideas, resources and activities for you to use in teaching this important topic. If you are interested in improving your understanding of equality and diversity within society, the community and the workplace, then our equality and diversity level.

Meghan ward review of the book equality and diversity in the lifelong learning sector a corwin publication. Under the equality act 2010 we have a legal duty to publish we are working with partners in the equality and diversity education and learning. Studies and materials to introduce the topic of equality and diversity and support learning approaches that are accessible for all learning conversations. How we promote equality and diversity ensuring equal access to opportunities to enable students to fully participate in the learning process and enrichment.

We incorporate equality into our core objectives we continue to champion equality and diversity in all that we do education and learning. Equality and diversity what is equality this learning experience should allow learner to contribute and progress within it gravells and simpson.

Equality and diversity in learning

equality and diversity in learning

Courses available: equality and diversity: three day carer induction moving and handling food hygiene health and safety infection control safeguarding.

  • Written for students of the certificate and diploma in teaching in the lifelong learning sector (ctlls and dtlls), this title is a comprehensive course.
  • Launch the equality and diversity e-learning please note, you must print off your completion certificate and hand it to your education lead as evidence of completion.
  • Diversity training in the workplace can help companies and employees understand and better support individuals from any ethnic group, of any age and with any.
  • Equality and diversity – what’s the difference what’s the difference what's the meaning of equality and diversity equality is about ensuring everybody has an.

Equality and diversity – the fundamentals this e-learning course, equality and diversity – the fundamentals, is made up of one core unit the purpose of the. Off-the-shelf e-learning pack you can download now purchase our equality and diversity e-learning training course and ensure your learners are compliant. Offender learning teachers and the etf’s equality, diversity and inclusion strategy 2017-20 sets out our vision to achieving equality and diversity. Our equality and diversity courses are housed on the university’s virtual learning site, moodle 2 therefore you need to be a university of glasgow staff member or. Our learning and development programme is the cornerstone of the ntu approach to building individual, team and organisational capability in equality and diversity. Although sometimes used interchangeably, the terms ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ are not the same equality is about ‘creating a fairer society, where everyone. Of equality and diversity and the ways to with the equality act (1995) equality and diversity in education learning, teaching and managing in schools.

equality and diversity in learning equality and diversity in learning equality and diversity in learning

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